Maximise your selling potential with an eCommerce website design & web development

Our eCommerce web design and development team are experienced with a wide range of eCommerce platforms including WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magenta and create bespoke selling solutions for clients in Kitchener, Waterloo and all across Canada.

WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce CMS in the marketplace for small business owners or individuals who are looking to add ecommerce functionality to their WordPress website. It has a lot of out-of-the-box features, is easily manageable, straightforward to use and is well-supported.

Shopify is an extremely popular and easy-to-use hosted CMS with a lot of out-of-the-box functionality that makes building, customizing and managing an online shop extremely easy. The platform is extremely flexible, secure and is one of the fastest growing CMS's out there.

Magento is the most comprehensive CMS and is meant for enterprise companies offers tons of functionality, which makes it a popular choice for large shops. Its predecessor, Magento 1, has reached its end of life, so if you’re looking for support to migrate to a new CMS then we can help.

Build An Online Store For Your Business

Creating an online store can be confusing, overwhelming and even a bit scary given all the factors that are involved. DotConnex, a Kitchener based web development company will help you assess your goals and objectives to ensure the right solution is implemented for you. Below are just some of the positive reasons to start your ecommerce website.

Reach more customers, sell online, and reduce overall costs.

Reach More Modern Customers

The average consumer is online multiple times a day searching for products, services and news. We all often scroll on our phones, browsing through social media and online stores and interacting with people online in a variety of ways. A boring, text-heavy website that just lists your products and points you towards a physical store is never going to set pulses racing. Instead, an eCommerce website that has all the bells and whistles, connected to an engaging and interesting digital marketing campaign, strikes right at the heart of what the modern customer is searching for.

Flexible Sale Online

An eCommerce website lets customers reach you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They can place orders at 1am or 1pm and aren't limited by the opening ours of a physical store. Not only that, but you can also offer a variety of payment options as part of the checkout process, making it a desirable option for customers that might want to pay using PayPal, a credit or debit card, or other form of payment. Secure online payments, easy purchase and checkout process, and convenient delivery or pickup options are part of the eCommerce website experience.

Reduce Overall Costs

Whether your trying to supplement physical store income, looking to start your own online store without a physical location, or just trying to expand your customer reach, an eCommerc website is the answer.

Providing customers the ability to purchase directly over the internet can help brick-and-mortar businesses reduce the amount that you invest in in-store upkeep, keep fewer products in stock and help boost sales through online interactions. For small, start-up businesses without any physical locations, an eCommerce website removes the cost associated with opening a physical store, allowing you to scale as you grow with online sales providing the whole of your business income.

What can you achieve by choosing DotConnex?

Increase Revenue for your business.

Increase Revenue and ROI

Our primary focus is to create a profitable online eCommerce store for your business. Our experience and knowledge in all areas of eCommerce including developing customized websites, shopping cart as well as working with various platforms will help increase revenue and overall growth.

Gain credibility with design

Gain credibility with design

With a clean and attractive eCommerce website design, a clear call to action and a seamless buying experience, we'll make sure that your online shop will leave a positive brand impression for your prospective customers and online visitors. Let DotConnex help build and grow your digital brand.

Simple management & integration

Simple management & integration

As it is important that you are confident in managing your products, our ecommerce platform options are simple to use & provide a seamless integration with other channels.

Design and grow your business online.

Growth and scalability

At DotConnex, we use only the best Content Management Systems allowing us to fully customise and add features to an existing website meaning we can always update your website.