17 February 2021

How can a Naturopathic Doctor help with headaches?

How can a Naturopathic Doctor help with headaches?

Headaches can make activities of daily living uncomfortable at a minimum and impossible at their worst. Regardless of whether you’re trying to work, make dinner, clean the house, play with your kids, get some daily movement in, or enjoy some personal time headaches have a way of dampening your experiences. They may cause you to go through the motions of getting through your experiences without actually being present for them. Below I’ve given some examples of how different types of headaches may be showing up in your life and further down how I can help to treat them.

Tension-Type Headaches:
That “Ugh why won’t this headache bugger off I’ve got a million things to do and deadlines to meet” pain in the a** type of headache. You will often find yourself rubbing your temples and neck to try and alleviate it. Oh, and you may also find yourself muttering, “And why. won’t. it. just. go. away!? It’s been here for days!”

Migraine Headaches:
This one may have you saying something along the lines of “I can’t bend over to pick you up right now hunny. Mommy has a really bad headache and I need to go lie down in a dark room for a bit. I’ll turn on your favourite TV show” or “My head hurts so bad I think I’m going to puke”. This one will feel like a throbbing nightmare that is aggravated by moving through the motions of daily activities. All you want to do is lie in a quiet dark room alone.

Cluster Headaches:
With these you’ll be experiencing short bursts of agony. You may find yourself in this situation “Sweetie, daddy can’t go with you to get ice cream right now because I may need to lie down again when my headache comes back”. When you have a cluster headache attack you may not want to leave the house or get into the middle of anything because of the debilitating pain that you know will soon return.

During your time with me we will investigate the root cause of your headache using your health history and physical examination completed during your initial appointment. This may also be accompanied by lab tests. Some of the causes behind these different types of headaches include poor posture, stress, hormones, muscle tension, inflammatory responses, poor sleep quality, dietary consideration, blood sugar dysregulation, and others. Using a variety of treatment options we will work together to create a plan that suits your schedule and lifestyle. You should expect that some lifestyle modifications in the form of dietary changes and movement recommendations will be made as these create the foundation of healing and health.

Through the use of a combination of nutraceuticals, herbs, hydrotherapy, and asian medicine/acupuncture along with lifestyle modification recommendations we will treat the root cause uncovered in our initial meetings. An example of a treatment plan looks like this:

***Disclaimer: This is not intended as medical advice, it is simply an example with a made up prescription***

My recommendation is to assume an upfront cost of about 3 appointments within a 6-8 week period. Following this, appointments are usually spread out to monthly or bi-monthly.
My fees for the 3 appointments: $360
– $165 for 60 minutes (initial)
– $115 for 45 minutes (first follow up)
– $80 for 30 minutes (all subsequent follow ups)
Lab testing fees: Varies but could range from $0 to $800 (note: while we can run 0 labs and have no cost here, I earnestly suggest you have some part of your budget set aside for labs as these can provide us with some serious insight as to what is going on)
Additional Weekly Coaching: $45
Weekly coaching is an optional add-on that entails a 15 minute chat to see how you’re doing with the lifestyle modifications. It can include creating a weekly recipe/movement plan or talking about roadblocks you may be experiencing and how to overcome them.

*** Keep in mind that most extended health benefits include Naturopathic Medicine, so don’t forget to check with your provider***

I hope this answered your questions about how Naturopathic Medicine can help and what to expect if you choose to look within, treat the root cause, and make life long healing a priority.

Dr. Iuliana Corman, ND

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